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Progress on Nano-Technology in Consumer and Pharmaceutical OTC Products - (10/10/2009). After more than
twenty years of exploratory and applied research, nanotechnologies are gaining popularity in commercial use,
fundamentally due to the unique properties that are capable to impart to consumer products. Nanoscale
materials now are in pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetics, automotive, medical products, etc. But it has
been difficult to find out how many “nano” consumer products are on the market and which merchandise could
be called “nano.” This comprehensive inventory gives the general public and industry at large the best available
look at more than one thousand products identified by its manufactures as nanotechnology-based consumer
products. It also includes a complete lists of all granted US patents and published US Patent Applications in
Personal Care, Hair Care, Skin Care and Sunscreen.

Progress on Biotechnology In Consumer and Pharmaceutical OTC Products - (due on 11/10/2009)
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