FDA News:
The Food and Drug
Administration (FDA)
regulates all cosmetics
marketed in the United
States, including mascara,
eye shadows, eye liner,
concealers, and eyebrow
Cosmetics Report

Smart Skin Care:
From cleansers to night
creams , women spend
big money on skin care
products but... which ones
live up to the their claims?  
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Complete Guide to learn to
prepare Natural Skin and
Hair Care products in
Learn to Formulate  -
fundamentals of the
behavior of surface active
agents and their
interaction with stratum
corneum and epidermis,
and their performance in
formulations such as
shampoos and skin
cleansers in
Patent it Yourself:
Olay Professional Pro-X
Hydra Firming Cream
helps optimize elasticity
and firmness by plumping
and locking in moisture.