OxiClean® Versatile Stain
Removing a stain
in and around the home
just got easier with...

Protect your idea:
Easy-to-follow guide shows
you how to evaluate your
idea's commercial
potential, conduct patent
and trademark searches
and document the invention
process. Plus, you get
detailed examples of each
patent application type!
Institutional Formulations:
A guide to formulating and
compounding industrial
detergents. Basic
information on surfactants,
builders, and solvents,
along with 300 formulas to
study in...
Formulation in the cleaning
product industry

undergoes constant
change due to raw material
increases and
environmental factors. The
well-known formulation
books by Ernest Flick are
now available in database
for the first time. It Includes
700 new formulations

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