Patent Scan of Skin Care Formulations
Published Worldwide since 1990
Product Description

CD set includes a collection of highly relevant and easy-to-
use patent documents covering primarily new formulations in
skin care creams, lotions, pomades, night creams, dry skin
mitigation compositions, toners, skin whitening compositions,
acne mitigation aids, antiwrinkle formulations, antiaging
compositions; formulations with nutraceuticals, green or
biotechnology derived ingredients, nanotechnology derived
materials, humectants, herbals and related adjuvants.

Set of CDs' includes:

  • US Patents granted since 1990, approximately 2,200

  • US Provisional Patent Applications published since
    2001, approximately 4,400 documents

  • PCT World Patents and Applications published from
    1990 to 2009, approximately 2,300 documents

The CD set contains complete patent documents in PDF
format. Each patent document is a separate file -
sample. The documents in this collection were selected
using our proprietary data mining software PGGrabr™ which
searches the claims of all patents documents in FS's
comprehensive inventory using key words specific to the the
technology. Our patent documents in this collection have a
98% relevance to the topic.

View samples of a
US Patent, US Application and World

Products Details

  • Product: Boxed CD Set  (w 9", h 9", d 2")
  • File Organization: PDF documents by number
  • Language: English
  • Published by Formula Scan
  • Approximate size is 27GB, 37CDs
  • Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • System: Windows and Apple Mac
  • Updated monthly
Price: $800 USD

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