US Patents in Cosmetics Formulation Granted in 2009

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Patent No.: US7479287B2  Issued: 20/Jan/2009

Title: Methods of inhibiting proliferation of cells


Application No.: 11/496877   Filing Date: 31/Jul/2006


A dormant preparation (DC) is provided which is capable of inhibiting proliferation of various kinds of cells. The preparation comprises an extract which is obtained from cells or tissue originating in an organism capable of entering a phase of dormancy in at least one of its parts and comprises at least one substance which induces or maintains the state of dormancy in the organism from which the cells or tissue are derived. The DC may be used for a variety of indications including human medicine and cosmetics, plant growth control and food preservation.

Priority: IL19970120291 Applic. Date: 1997-02-23; IL19970120292 Applic. Date: 1997-02-23; IL19970121320 Applic. Date: 1997-07-16; US2003-465911 Applic. Date: 2003-06-20; US2001-915768 Applic. Date: 2001-07-27; US1999-367898 Applic. Date: 1999-11-29; WO1998IL00085 Applic. Date: 1998-02-23


Patent No.: US7485183B2  Issued: 03/Feb/2009

Title: Pigment mixture, and the use thereof in cosmetics and in the foods and pharmaceuticals sector

Applicant/Assignee: MERCK PATENT GMBH

Application No.: 10/810671   Filing Date: 29/Mar/2004


Pigment mixtures which have at least two components, where component A comprises effect pigments based on glass flakes and component B comprises flake-form, needle-shaped, spherical or crystalline colorants or fillers, and to the use thereof, in particular in cosmetic formulations and for the coloring or as a coating of products in the foods and pharmaceuticals sector are described.

Priority: DE20031029780 Applic. Date: 2003-07-01; DE20031013981 Applic. Date: 2003-03-27


Patent No.: US7488709B2  Issued: 10/Feb/2009

Title: Cleansing composition in the form of an aerosol foam without anionic surfactant, and uses in cosmetics

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL S.A

Application No.: 11/287298   Filing Date: 28/Nov/2005


The present disclosure relates to foaming cleansing compositions without anionic surfactant, comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium: a) greater than 2% by weight in terms of active material of a non- betaine amphoteric or zwitterionic surfactant, relative to the total weight of the composition, b) at least one non-ionic surfactant, c) at least one propellant. The present disclosure also relates to aerosol devices containing such a composition and also to the use of these compositions in cosmetics or dermatology, for instance for cleansing keratin materials such as the skin, the hair or the scalp.

Priority: FR20040052773 Applic. Date: 2004-11-26; US20040635960P Applic. Date: 2004-12-15


Patent No.: US7489816B2  Issued: 10/Feb/2009

Title: Advanced Cosmetic Color Analysis System and Methods Therefor


Application No.: 11/561280   Filing Date: 17/Nov/2006


An advanced cosmetic color analysis system analyzes the color of a three dimensional object to produce a plurality of color values for distinct subsets of a portion of the object, and a cosmetic analyzer combines the color values to produce a cosmetic color determination that has relative weightings of multiple cosmetic colors. Contemplated systems are particularly useful for determination of suitable cosmetic products (or composition thereof) to achieve a particular and desired cosmetic appearance.

Priority: US2004-471898 Applic. Date: 2004-02-09; WO2002US24421 Applic. Date: 2002-07-31; US20010309510P Applic. Date: 2001-07-31; US20010311448P Applic. Date: 2001-08-09; US20010322512P Applic. Date: 2001-09-12


Patent No.: US7498022B2  Issued: 03/Mar/2009

Title: Cosmetic composition comprising at least one anionic surfactant, at least one cationic polymer and at least one amphiphilic, branched block acrylic copolymer and method for treating hair using such a composition

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL S.A

Application No.: 10/400570   Filing Date: 28/Mar/2003


A cosmetic composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one amphiphilic polymer chosen from branched block copolymers comprising (a) at least one nonionic unit derived from at least one monomer chosen from C1-20 alkyl (meth)acrylates, N-mono-(C2-12 alkyl)-(meth)acrylamides and N,N-di-(C2- 12 alkyl)-(meth)acrylamides, (b) at least one anionic unit derived from at least one monomer chosen from acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, and (c) at least one polyfunctional unit derived from at least one monomer comprising at least two polymerizable unsaturated functional groups, at least one cationic polymer, and at least 3% by weight, relative to the total weight of the composition, of at least one anionic surfactant, and a method for treating a keratinous material using the composition.

Priority: FR20020003955 Applic. Date: 2002-03-28; US20020394719P Applic. Date: 2002-07-10


Patent No.: US7501485B2  Issued: 10/Mar/2009

Title: Bioactive keratin peptides


Application No.: 10/352786   Filing Date: 28/Jan/2003


Compositions containing biologically active peptides are disclosed. Active peptides are isolated fragments derived from human hair or sheep wool keratin proteins. Compositions may be prepared for pharmaceutical or topical administration or for use in cosmetic preparations.

Priority: US20020352396P Applic. Date: 2002-01-28


Patent No.: US7509839B2  Issued: 31/Mar/2009

Title: Cosmetic kit including an indicator or sensor of ambient humidity

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL

Application No.: 11/637106   Filing Date: 12/Dec/2006


A kit includes at least one of: a substance for one of ingestion by a human body and application to one of the skin, the mucous membranes, hair, and the nails

a cosmetic applicator

and a makeup accessory. The kit also includes at least one of: an indicator of ambient humidity

and a sensor of ambient humidity.

Priority: FR20030008236 Applic. Date: 2003-07-04; US2004-879176 Applic. Date: 2004-06-30; US20030490278P Applic. Date: 2003-07- 28


Patent No.: US7510703B2  Issued: 31/Mar/2009

Title: UV- photoprotecting/sunscreen compositions comprising silane/siloxane derivatives of merocyanine sulfones

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL

Application No.: 11/725485   Filing Date: 20/Mar/2007


Topically applicable cosmetic compositions useful for the UV-A photoprotection of the skin and/or hair contain thus effective amounts of at least one silane, siloxane or polysiloxane merocyanine sulfone having at least one of the structural formulae (1), (2) and (3) below:

Priority: FR20040052093 Applic. Date: 2004-09-20; WO2005FR02129 Applic. Date: 2005-08-24; US20040613967P Applic. Date: 2004-09-29


Patent No.: US7513918B2  Issued: 07/Apr/2009

Title: Agents for coloring keratin fibers comprising zwitterionic azomethine dyes


Application No.: 11/788065   Filing Date: 19/Apr/2007


The present invention relates to agents for coloring keratin fibers which comprise at least one zwitterionic azomethine dye of the general formula (I), (II), or (III) in which z is a heterocycle of the formula in which R8 is an alkyl sulfonate radical of the formula (XIII)

Priority: EP20060008058 Applic. Date: 2006-04-19; EP20070105282 Applic. Date: 2007-03-30


Patent No.: US7514071B2  Issued: 07/Apr/2009

Title: Single-use cosmetic article

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL S.A

Application No.: 11/074056   Filing Date: 08/Mar/2005


The present patent application relates to a single-use cosmetic article containing a water-insoluble substrate impregnated with an aqueous cosmetic composition, said substrate being permeable and containing at least a first group of fibers and at least a second group of fibers whose hydrophilicity is different from that of the fibers of the first group. The first and second groups of fibers are arranged such that a first face of the substrate has a hydrophilicity substantially greater than the hydrophilicity of a second face of the substrate, opposite the first face.

Priority: FR20040050469 Applic. Date: 2004-03-08; US20040553129P Applic. Date: 2004-03-16


Patent No.: US7514091B2  Issued: 07/Apr/2009

Title: Aminated silicone detergent cosmetic composition and use

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL S.A

Application No.: 09/360521   Filing Date: 23/Jul/1999


Detergent and conditioning compositions comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, (A) a washing base comprising at least one anionic surfactant and at least one amphoteric surfactant and (B) at least one aminated silicone having an amine number greater than or equal to 0.4 meq/g, the amphoteric surfactant/anionic surfactant ratio by weight being greater than or equal to 0.2. The use of detergent and conditioning compositions for cleaning and for caring of the hair or the skin.

Priority: FR19980009414 Applic. Date: 1998-07-23


Patent No.: US7524800B2  Issued: 28/Apr/2009


Applicant/Assignee: RHODIA INC

Application No.: 12/137589   Filing Date: 12/Jun/2008


A hydrophilized personal care formulation, which can be in the form of a hand or body soap (liquid or bar), lipstick, body wash, makeup remover, skin cleaner, hair conditioner, skin or hair moisturizer. The formulation employs an organophosphorus material or a mixture of an organophosphorus material, for example, mono-, di-, and polyol phosphate esters.

Priority: US20070943487P Applic. Date: 2007-06-12


Patent No.: US7527784B2  Issued: 05/May/2009

Title: Water Washable Hair Removal (Depilatory) Compositions

Applicant/Assignee: BIODERM RESEARCH

Application No.: 11/162209   Filing Date: 31/Aug/2005


Cosmetic hair removal (depilatory) compositions that provide complete hair removal in a single step and easy clean-up with water are disclosed. These viscous compositions are made of a mixture of a water soluble hair binding agent, a water soluble cross-linking agent for the hair binding agent, and a water soluble crystallization inhibitor agent, whereby the cross-linking of the hair binding agent by the cross-linking agent results in water washable hair binding compositions that do not crystallize during their use or storage.



Patent No.: US7527806B2  Issued: 05/May/2009

Title: Personal care article with distinct active zone


Application No.: 10/134207   Filing Date: 26/Apr/2002


A disposable, single-use, personal care article is disclosed having an active zone, an adjacent non-active zone, and interface therebetween

a benefit agent releasably associated with the active zone

a carrier solvent and optionally a visual indicator associated with the active zone. In one embodiment, the benefit agent, the carrier solvent, and a dye indicator are combined and applied as stripes on the article. The stripes will not substantially bleed into the adjacent non-active zone and will disappear during use of the article indicating that the benefit agent has been transferred to the skin or hair of the user.



Patent No.: US7527813B2  Issued: 05/May/2009

Title: Cosmetic composition containing an extract of Limnocitrus littoralis

Applicant/Assignee: LVMH RECHERCHE

Application No.: 11/805390   Filing Date: 23/May/2007


The invention relates to a cosmetic composition, characterized in that it contains, as active agent, an extract of Limnocitrus littoralis obtained by extraction with an extraction solvent selected from the group comprising alcohols and aqueous-alcoholic mixtures, in a cosmetically acceptable vehicle compatible with topical application. It further relates to a method of cosmetic treatment intended especially for soothing non-pathological skin manifestations of inflammatory origin and/or preventing and/or combating the effects of intrinsic and/or photoinduced ageing, comprising the application to the skin of a cosmetic composition of the invention.

Priority: FR20060052784 Applic. Date: 2006-07-04


Patent No.: US7534421B2  Issued: 19/May/2009

Title: s-Triazine compounds bearing at least one para-aminobenzalmalonic salt substituent and photoprotective cosmetic compositions comprised thereof

Applicant/Assignee: SOCIETE L'OREAL S.A L'OREAL

Application No.: 10/787940   Filing Date: 27/Feb/2004


Stable, topically applicable cosmetic/dermatological sunscreen compositions, well suited for the UV-photoprotection of human skin/keratinous materials, contain a thus effective amount of at least one novel s-triazine compound bearing at least one para-aminobenzalmalonic salt substituent.

Priority: FR20030002562 Applic. Date: 2003-03-03; US20030468995P Applic. Date: 2003-05-09


Patent No.: US7534915B2  Issued: 19/May/2009

Title: Non-symmetrical gelling agent


Application No.: 11/432735   Filing Date: 11/May/2006


The present invention relates to a novel trisubstituted cyclic thickener or gelator. The present invention further relates to a method for thickening or gelating a solution comprising the use of such a gelator or thickener. A gelator or thickener according to the invention may, for instance, be used for pharmaceutical or cosmetic purposes. It may further be used as a support material in chromatographic materials or catalytically active materials.

Priority: EP20030078599 Applic. Date: 2003 -11-12; WO2004NL00723 Applic. Date: 2004-10-14


Patent No.: US7537406B2  Issued: 26/May/2009

Title: Device for storing and dispensing cosmetic compositions

Applicant/Assignee: AVON PRODUCTS, INC

Application No.: 11/703940   Filing Date: 08/Feb/2007


A drive screw having an axial bore is disposed within a tubular container. A cap for closing the container has mounted therefrom an applicator that is insertable in the bore of the drive screw. A first seal and a second seal, on the drive screw, form with the inner wall of the container and the outer wall of the drive screw an annular compartment for housing a cosmetic composition. A normally closed channel is provided between the compartment and the bore of the drive screw. A drive on the cap and a complementary drive on the drive screw cooperate with the first seal and the second seal to decrease the volume of the compartment in which the composition is housed each time the container is opened by removing the cap.

A valve opens the channel in response to the decrease in volume in the compartment when the cap is removed so as to permit composition to flow through the channel into the bore of the drive screw to contact the applicator.

Priority: WO2005US28089 Applic. Date: 2005-08-05; US20040599909P Applic. Date: 2004-08-09


Patent No.: US7541414B2  Issued: 02/Jun/2009


Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL S.A

Application No.: 12/167326   Filing Date: 03/Jul/2008


Disclosed is a hyperbranched copolymer comprising at least two polymeric branches, which may be identical or different, each comprising at least one at least trifunctional branch point, wherein a first polymeric branch comprises at least one first monomer chosen from isobornyl acrylate, isobornyl methacrylate, isobutyl acrylate, isobutyl methacrylate and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, a second polymeric branch comprises at least one second monomer chose from isobornyl acrylate, isobornyl methacrylate, isobutyl acrylate, isobutyl methacrylate and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate. Also disclosed is a cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition, for example, a dermatological composition, comprising said hyperbranched copolymer. Further disclosed is a cosmetic method of making up or caring for keratin materials, comprising applying to said materials a cosmetic composition comprising said hyperbranched copolymer.

Priority: FR20040008373 Applic. Date: 2004-07-29; US2005-192062 Applic. Date: 2005-07-29; US20040613507P Applic. Date: 2004-09- 28


Patent No.: US7546923B2  Issued: 16/Jun/2009

Title: Authenticatable cosmetic packaging device

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL

Application No.: 10/565776   Filing Date: 21/Jul/2004


A packaging device for a cosmetic product includes at least one container forming at least one compartment in which the cosmetic product is directly or indirectly placed. The packaging device includes at least one authentication element incorporating at least one first chemical reagent capable, when placed in contact with a second chemical reagent present on a counterpart authentication element, of producing a detectable change in the second reagent on the counterpart authentication element. A counterfeit detection kit includes the packaging device, and a non-destructive process detects a possible counterfeit packaging device for a cosmetic product.

Priority: WO2004EP09155 Applic. Date: 2004-07-21; US20030493777P Applic. Date: 2003-08-11; FR20030009137 Applic. Date: 2003-07- 25


Patent No.: US7550623B2  Issued: 23/Jun/2009

Title: Liquid ester compositions and cosmetic compositions containing the same


Application No.: 11/647404   Filing Date: 29/Dec/2006


The present invention provides a liquid ester composition which is obtained by esterifying a branched isostearic acid such as 2-(1,3,3-trimethyl)butyl-5,7,7-trimethyl octanoic acid with dipentaerythritol, and said liquid ester composition having a viscosity at 25 DEG C. of 100,000 to 2,000,000 mPa.s

hydroxyl value of 10 to 160

and cloud point of less than 5 DEG C. This liquid ester composition has pigment dispersibility and hydrating ability that polybutene, which is one of the raw materials of oil compositions for cosmetic compositions, does not have, together with their abilities to sustain feeling of cosmetic film and improve gloss and moisture feeling of cosmetic compositions and shape retaining ability of lipsticks and the like equal to those containing polybutene.

Priority: JP20040194064 Applic. Date: 2004-06-30; WO2005JP12082 Applic. Date: 2005-06-30


Patent No.: US7572776B2  Issued: 11/Aug/2009



Application No.: 12/194203   Filing Date: 19/Aug/2008


The present invention relates to an N-(phosphonoalkyl)- amino acid, a related compound or a derivative thereof, the N-(phosphonoalkyl)-amino acid, related compound or derivative thereof being in a form as a free acid, salt, partial salt, lactone, amide or ester, or in stereoisomeric or non-stereoisomeric form, other than N-(phosphonomethyl)-glycine or N,N- bis(phosphonomethyl)-glycine.

Also included is a composition including an N-(phosphonoalkyl)- amino acid, a related compound or a derivative thereof in a form as a free acid, salt, partial salt, lactone, amide or ester, or in stereoisomeric or non-stereoisomeric form, and a cosmetically or pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle for topical or systemic administration to a mammalian subject, as well as a method of administering an effective amount of such a composition for alleviating or improving a condition, disorder, symptom or syndrome associated with at least one of a nervous, vascular, musculoskeletal or cutaneous system.

Priority: US2007-621287 Applic. Date: 2007-01-09; US20060757614P Applic. Date: 2006-01-10


Patent No.: US7576045B2  Issued: 18/Aug/2009

Title: Use of vinic alcohol in personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes


Application No.: 11/153283   Filing Date: 15/Jun/2005


This invention relates to the use of a vinic alcohol in cosmetic compositions, perfumes and personal care products. The vinic alcohol is characterized as being a product from the grape fermentation followed by purification by distillation, and is used in this invention in total or partial substitution of the conventional ethylic alcohol. The vinic alcohol contains residual substances, which are a characteristic feature of the fermentation of grapes, affording a characteristic odor to the ethanol, contributing to a different olfactory sensorial perception.

Priority: BR2004PI02260 Applic. Date: 2004-06-15


Patent No.: US7579079B2  Issued: 25/Aug/2009

Title: Uv-stabilised particles

Applicant/Assignee: MERCK PATENT GMBH

Application No.: 10/518464   Filing Date: 18/Oct/2005


The present invention relates to UV-stabilised particles which are distinguished by the fact that they reflect or absorb light having wavelengths of from 290 to 500 nm. The invention furthermore relates to a process for the production of the particles according to the invention and to the use thereof in surface coatings, water-borne coatings, powder coatings, paints, printing inks, security printing inks, plastics, concrete, in cosmetic formulations, in agricultural sheeting and tent awnings, for the laser marking of papers and plastics, as light protection, and for the preparation of pigment compositions and dry preparations.

Priority: DE20021028186 Applic. Date: 2002-06-24; WO2003EP06600 Applic. Date: 2003-06-23


Patent No.: US7582306B2  Issued: 01/Sep/2009

Title: Pseudoceramides and cosmetic compositions comprising the same

Applicant/Assignee: COREANA COSMETICS CO., LTD

Application No.: 10/505758   Filing Date: 04/Nov/2004


The present invention relates to a pseudoceramide represented by the following formula (I) and a cosmetic composition comprising the same: wherein Z represents -OH and Y represents -OH, with the proviso that X is Z represents -OH and X represents -OH, with the proviso that Y is Y represents -OH and X represents -OH, with the proviso that Z is R represents a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon group

and when substituted, R has one or more -OH groups.

Priority: WO2002KR00314 Applic. Date: 2002-02-26


Patent No.: US7585922B2  Issued: 08/Sep/2009

Title: Polymer particle dispersion, cosmetic compositions comprising it and cosmetic process using it

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL, S.A

Application No.: 11/353981   Filing Date: 15/Feb/2006


The present disclosure relates to a cosmetic composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one dispersion of polymer particles in a liquid silicone medium, the polymer being a copolymer comprising at least one first block that is soluble and at least one second block that is insoluble in the silicone medium. Another aspect of the present disclosure relates to a dispersion of polymer particles in a liquid silicone medium, and also to a cosmetic process for making up, cleansing, protecting against the sun, shaping, dyeing or caring for keratin materials, such as the body or facial skin, the nails, the hair and/or the eyelashes, and for use with the present composition.

Priority: FR20050050430 Applic. Date: 2005-02 -15; US20050661011P Applic. Date: 2005-03-14


Patent No.: US7588753B2  Issued: 15/Sep/2009

Title: Synergistically pro-penetrating solutions for ungual/peri-ungual dermatological/cosmetic applications

Applicant/Assignee: GALDERMA S.A

Application No.: 11/041288   Filing Date: 25/Jan/2005


Topically applicable dermatological/cosmetic compositions suited for ungual/peri-ungual administration for the treatment of a variety of pathologies, including fungal pathologies, such as onychomycosis, contain (a) at least one biologically active agent (e.g., antifungal) and (b) at least two of the pro-penetrating agents selected from the group consisting of urea, an organic acid and an ethoxydiglycol, the at least two-pro- penetrating agents respectively being present in effective amounts as to synergistically improve the ungual/peri-ungual bioavailability of the at least one biologically active agent.

Priority: WO2003EP10694 Applic. Date: 2003-09-01; FR20020011023 Applic. Date: 2002-09-05; US20020411349P Applic. Date: 2002-09-18


Patent No.: US7607850B2  Issued: 27/Oct/2009

Title: Lipstick for two components

Applicant/Assignee: WECKERLE GMBH

Application No.: 11/824021   Filing Date: 29/Jun/2007


Apparatus (1) for optionally applying two components, with a body (2) comprising a first component for applying, wherein said body (2) comprises an opening (3) through which a second component for applying can be transported on said body (2).

Priority: EP20070009023 Applic. Date: 2007-05-04


Patent No.: US7611725B2  Issued: 03/Nov/2009

Title: Additives and products including oligoesters

Applicant/Assignee: CRODA, INC

Application No.: 10/356208   Filing Date: 31/Jan/2003


The present invention relates to oligoesters and their use or the creation of additives. Oligoester containing additives and/or oligoesters themselves may be used for formulating pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetics or personal care products such as shampoos and conditioners. These oligoesters are particularly useful for the creation of multi-purpose additives that can impart conditioning, long substantivity and/or UV protection. Individual oligoesters and oligoester mixtures are described.

Priority: US20020353669P Applic. Date: 2002-01-31; US20020353477P Applic. Date: 2002-01-31; US20020353540P Applic. Date: 2002-02-01


Patent No.: US7611726B2  Issued: 03/Nov/2009

Title: Shine-enhancing film formers

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL

Application No.: 10/891549   Filing Date: 15/Jul/2004


Shine-enhancing film formers are used to formulate cosmetic compositions in which shine is a desired property. Shine- enhancing film formers may be used alone for a high degree of shine or in combination with other film formers to modify the degree of shine. Using shine-enhancing film formers in cosmetics compositions often accomplishes increased shine properties while retaining other properties favorable to cosmetic compositions such as transfer-resistance.



Patent No.: US7612160B2  Issued: 03/Nov/2009

Title: Polyether urethane containing allyl groups


Application No.: 10/538760   Filing Date: 10/Jun/2005


The present invention relates to a mono- and/or polyallyl- polyether-urethane, to water-soluble or water-dispersible polymers which comprise such a polyether- urethane in copolymerized form, and to cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions which comprise a water- soluble or water-dispersible polymer based on a mono- and/or polyallyl-polyether- urethane.

Priority: DE20021059036 Applic. Date: 2002-12-17; WO2003EP14357 Applic. Date: 2003-12-16


Patent No.: US7618638B2  Issued: 17/Nov/2009

Title: Matrix metalloprotease inhibitor


Application No.: 10/490317   Filing Date: 04/Oct/2004


The object of the present invention is to provide a preventive and relieving medicine for activated matrix metalloproteinase-causing disorders and diseases, which contains a solvent extract of Ganoderma mushroom. The preventive and relieving medicine for activated matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-causing disorders and diseases according to the present invention contains the solvent extract of Ganoderma mushroom. The solvent extract of Ganoderma mushroom has MMP inhibiting behaviors and is effective for prevention, suppression, and symptomatic relief of various activated MMP-causing disorders and diseases, such as metastasis of cancers, ulceration, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, periodontitis, and aging of skin.

Priority: JP20010297672 Applic. Date: 2001-09-27; WO2002JP10006 Applic. Date: 2002-09-27


Patent No.: US7622132B2  Issued: 24/Nov/2009


Applicant/Assignee: ELC MANAGEMENT, LLC

Application No.: 11/425446   Filing Date: 21/Jun/2006


The present invention relates to encapsulated cosmetic compositions that are topically applied. The compositions contain at least one frangible capsule that has a seamless shell of a thermo-softening material. The shell is solid at about room temperature and melts upon application to the skin. The shell holds a core cosmetic that is added to a clear gel base. Thus, the color of the capsule is visible and multiple colored capsules can be added to the base for a custom colored composition.

Priority: US20050694312P Applic. Date: 2005-06-27


Patent No.: US7622450B2  Issued: 24/Nov/2009

Title: Flavone C- glycoside derivatives and compositions containing the derivatives


Application No.: 10/519979   Filing Date: 22/Aug/2005


The present invention relates to novel flavone C-glycoside derivatives or salts thereof, especially those showing an anti-allergic effect, and compositions containing them. Recently, cases of allergic diseases, especially pollenosis and atopic dermatitis have increased to such a degree that they have become a social problem. Flavones and their glycosides have been reported to have the effect of inhibiting histamine release from mast cells or an immunosuppressive effect and expected for application as allergy therapies. However, most flavones exhibit their effects only at high doses, so that effective compounds at lower doses are highly desired. The present invention provides novel components capable of treating allergic diseases at low doses and compositions containing them.

Priority: JP20020194828 Applic. Date: 2002-07-03; WO2003JP08481 Applic. Date: 2003-07-03


Patent No.: US7628998B2  Issued: 08/Dec/2009

Title: Colored cosmetic compositions with pearlescent and color pigment blends

Applicant/Assignee: AVON PRODUCTS, INC

Application No.: 10/622299   Filing Date: 18/Jul/2003


There is provided compositions and methods for providing a natural appearance, healthy glow, and other aesthetic benefits to the skin. One composition has a shade -matched pearlescent component. Another composition has a blend of a shade-matched pearlescent component and a shade-matched pigment component. Preferably, the blend is incorporated into an emulsion, a powder, cream-to-powder cosmetic, a gel, a pomade, a solution, a stick, suspension, or a wet/dry foundation.

Priority: US20020397291P Applic. Date: 2002-07-19


Patent No.: US7632873B2  Issued: 15/Dec/2009

Title: Cosmetic dermatological composition comprising at least one gradient copolymer, makeup comprising the cosmetic or dermatological composition and cosmetic method using the composition

Applicant/Assignee: L'OREAL S.A

Application No.: 10/734301   Filing Date: 15/Dec/2003


A cosmetic or dermatological composition comprising at least one gradient copolymer comprising at least two different monomers, displaying a mass polydispersity index (Ip) less than or equal to 2.5 and for example, additionally a low composition polydispersity. A cosmetic or dermatological method for make-up or care of keratinous substances, notably the skin of the body or of the face, the nails, the hair and/or the eyelashes, comprising application of a cosmetic composition as defined above on the said substances.

Priority: FR20020015858 Applic. Date: 2002-12-13; US20030457998P Applic. Date: 2003-03-28



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